This book is unique. The author is Kim Jae Ho who is a professor of electronic engineering at Pusan ​​National University and a minister in campus revival mission. This book begins with a testimony of the author's background in Christianity at age 40 and the process of faith growth. So it may look like a kind of testimony. However, this book should never be seen as a simple testimony. This is because he focuses on the story of the educational of Dr. Yun In-Ku, who has been a forgotten but the great figure of the educational system of Korea, the president of Pusan ​​National University and the third president of Yonsei University. Yun was not only a teacher of the current campus of Pusan ​​National University but also an eminent educational administrator who developed Shinchon campus in Yonsei University in Seoul. In Chapter 2 of the book, the touching story of a "poor deaconess grandmother" who preached Jesus to the author is introduced, but it is only natural connection to talk about the situation that the author has to explore the educator Yun, In-Ku.

The author was assigned as the Director of Cultural Contents Development Center as a professor at the university. He decided to produce a documentary video of Yun In-Ku, the founder of Pusan ​​National University. In the process of exploring him, Yun was not a simple university founder. The author is surprised to know the facts that He(Yun) was a pioneer theologian and pastor of the theology who studied theology in Japan, Us, and England. He(Yun) even lived in the same era as Pastor Chu, Ki-Chul, famous for being a martyr. Yun had a pastoral ministry in Jinju Church, one of the three major churches in Youngnam province (Southeast of Korea). 

His family has been persecuted by the Japanese government in helping the independence movement as a retainer of the Gyeongnam area(of Korea), and Yun also suffered a hardship. Among the backgrounds of the times, he met Jesus and became a pastor. But he decided to became the principal of the Masan Gospel Agriculture Mistaken School, believing that education is as important as pastoring for reviving the future of the country. Kim, Ki-yeol from this school is famous. Kim was the  principal of the Rodem Youth School. Kim is accepted as the first model of teachers (even among Christians) by his disciples who are leading the famous educational activists 'Good Teacher Movement'(Jeong, Byeong-oh) and 'No Private Education World'(Song, In-soo).


In other words, in the story of Yun In-Ku, there is hidden the secret of correct education to be taught as well as the educational system of this era and the attitude that teachers and parents should have to nurture the next generation.

Students were in the darkness after the Korean war. This book teaches the spiritual mystery of the true education that has made them grow into a dreamer by renewing God's light and life. Furthermore, this book allows all professors, teachers, and parents of this era, regardless of their faith, to find ways to revive and renew education that has been worn out.


The white paper of this book is a passage that clearly shows that the change of education is the source of revival, a source of revival in this land. This book simply goes beyond the story of a university president, showing the true value of education that can lead to the next generation of holiness, and guides you to the 'well of revival' as the title says. Therefore, the author defines Yun In-Ku as 'the good old fountain (water) that the thirsty generation of love so sought'. Interestingly, 'Sam(in Korean the meaning is fountain)' is not only a well, but is also the word that the students call the teacher friendly.


Later in the book, the author serves as the 'Holy Generation Prayer Campaign' and explains his real change as a professor mentoring on campus.

Before he met Jesus and Yun In-gug, he was far from the present, so that students nicknamed him "Professor Gagamel." Now it has changed to serve the church for students on campus. In particular, the 'Holy Generation Prayer Movement', which he serves globally, was started with a pastor of 'Lee, Min-A' who is the daughter of Yi O-Ryung, the first minister of Culture of Korea.  In this connection, the former minister recommended this book.

The readers will learn the way of love and the cross through the story of Yun In-Ku, Ultimately, as Yun said in his inaugural address, The readers will open the sky to the next generation of student youth and throw light, the light of the gospel to them.

This book will lead the teachers, professors, and Saints in this land to be reborn as professors, teachers, parents, and churches that revive the broken education and serve as love.

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