A Well of Revival

Well of Revival 

The essence of life education that Jesus disciples should find and drink today.

The story of Dr. In-Ku Yun,

the founder and first president of Pusan National University, Korea

The Author Professor  Jae Ho Kim, Ph.D

Elementary and middle schools with violations, high schools with only endless competition for college admissions, universities hurrying on to raise the employment rate, and adults who are worried about not finding the alternatives!

Dr. Jae Ho Kim is a professor of the Dept. of Electronic Engineering at Pusan ​​National University(PNU) and a co-representative of the Campus Revival Mission. He have found the old pathway from In-Ku Yun (the founder and first president of PNU) and 3rd president of Yunsei University) who leads us to an education revival from the hopeless education on  earth.


Kim had lived without Jesus till forty years old. He was deeply touched by the love and faith of an old woman, a living together housekeeper. He has received and is  devoting himself to Jesus and is praying for the leading of Holy Spirit and the revival in education field.

He was ignorant in camera shooting, video and music editing. But he became the director of the Cultural Contents Development Center of Pusan ​​National University in 2007. While he was praying, he heard the voice of Jesus saying, "Reveal ln-Ku Yun to the world". Yun is the founder and first president of PNU who had passed away on 1986. The old history finding was almost impossible for Kim. But after pray and pray, the door to the old pathway was open. Kim produced a documentary film. In the process, Kim was amazed by Yun's identity and the educational Spirit. Kim realized that Yun's life and teaching is not only the key to the future of education, but also the well of revival in this earthly modern churches.

Before learning about Jesus and Yun, Kim's nickname in PNU was "Professor Gagamel." It was because he was like the evil character 'Gagamel' appearing in the cartoon Smurf that afflicted his personality and appearance, and now he became a "crybaby" who pours out his tears every time when he thinks about his students and the hopeless education.

In the process of producing the documentary video "Opening Heaven and Giving the Light" which introduces Yun, Kim experienced a change of his existence and his personal revival, which he could not live like before. He started the 'Holy Generation in Education (HGe) Prayer Movement' for the change of education along with Pastor Lee Min-ah, the daughter of O-young Lee (the first Minister of Culture and Tourism) and engaged in mission activities for revival on campus in cooperation with Christian professors all over the country. He serves a church in PNU serving Korean, Chinese, and African students, and is dedicated to building Holy Generation Mentoring Ministry.


After graduating from the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Pusan ​​National University, he received a master's degree in industrial electronics and a Ph.D. in electronics from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). He has served as chairman of the Pusan ​​National University for Cultural Contents Development Center (2nd), the Chairman of Professor Counsel of PNU (14th), and the committee chair of the National University Public Education Restoration. He received the Best Paper Award three times (Multimedia Society, Design Society). All the videos related to In-Ku Yun, who was introduced in this book, can be seen on the following website.




"An old good spring that you have been searching for so long in love"

The conversion story of professor Gagamel who has explored a teacher In-Ku Yun who was delighted mostly in his life when meeting a student.

This is especially recommended for you.

- Looking for a way to revive the collapsed education of this country

- Those who are looking for a path of new and fundamental revival

- Those who are looking forward to a new wave of churches and educational institutes who have lost their light

- Christian sunday school teachers, teachers, professors, and parents who want to raise a holy next-generation,

My people, who are called by my name, leave their wicked ways and pray for themselves, praying and finding my face I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14

To brothers and sisters

in Christ of the world

I (the author) have plans to visit all over the world for the coming years (2020 ~ ) for sharing my testimony of this book. Jesus has ordered me to "Reveal In-Ku Yun to the world." who is a well of revival. 

I want to meet someone, whom the Holy Spirit wants me to meet.

​Address of author: Prof. Jae Ho Kim, Dept. of E.E., Pusan National Univ. 2 - 63 Gil, Road of Pusan National University, Kumjung-Gu, Busan, Korea(South), 46228

Contact: Use this e-mail

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